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just some questions

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I was locked out of another forum. Nothing I did but post a normal response. I am sure it is this new age 'check on if it is really you' stuff. I'm 70 now and I cannot keep up with these computer machines. I hope you keep me a member. My son set up my sattlelight connection and my wife who is ill opened this account. We moved and I just cannot think these things through.

Guns I know, but not computers.
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Ask away? You may have been locked out from the other forum due to spam controls? Sounds like they blocked a range of IP addresses, probably due to other hackers, etc. Strange stuff can happen....
You've got me by 7 years but I won't hold that against ya. I LOVE to hear the older point of view.
Thier loss is our gain...
The forum, which I shall not mention, is more military survivalist than hunting. This forum is better, perhaps the best. What concerns me is as we move into the future, things become more complicated for older folks.

Examples are some of my old buddies, we are all old hands at reloading but none of them will post to a form. Most own expensive hand loading equipment but not a computer. They do not own DVD players. There are just a lot of older folks who just, for what reason, I do not know, they are many, just do not feel comfortable with this technology.

I would guess that is op and iop, or pops become a necessity to understand, I will not bother with caring to know that.

It is not like I post too often now, but I might like to write about the ways I have come to change in looking at rifles, shotguns and revolvers. And some old stories if I can get my wife to type it with correct spelling and grammar.
Yeah...I Know

To some I am considered an ol' faht. But.some say I am a wealth of expierance.

I say ---> lots of years = lots of expierance. Stick around,share all that expierance with them "hey dudes" that we got lurkin' around here. -----pruhdlr
I believe that Sam Colt, Oliver Winchester, John Browning, Paul Mouser, Bill Ruger, and some others of note invented modern firearms.

Al Gore invented the internet.

Marshall Stanton invented shooters forum.

Special award to Bill Gates for inventing the "Widows" software that allows us to use what Al Gore invented.

I dis-like computers.

Iowaloha Charshooter
Welcome aboard! Be nice to the rest of us old (and young) farts and join in. All opinions are welcome and valued. This is a real friendly place, justly policed by our own resident Marshall.
You got me by a little over a decade, but my own computer skills are pretty much self taught, then forced by use at work. I hate the things with a passion for what they have done to everyday life, but I also value them for the contact they provide with the outside world. Diversity is what makes America the best place on earth to be, and the internet is really an extension of that. We all have something to contribute, and something to learn, so join in, and stay a spell. You are most welcome, and we all look forward to your knowledge and experience.
cheesy i agree. . im on the dang computer right now,so that may be hippocritical..but i do enjoy trying to pick up bits of knowledge ,reading these post..
ive cussed my puter for everything it worth..its a wonder the creator didn t cause it to burst into flames,.. i bet that woulda cleaned up my choice of words huh. slim:D
Char - Just remember this..."Old age and treachery beats out youthful enthusiasm." Stay aboard here!
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