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Hey great site and just wanted to say Hi and tell you a little about myself.  I am 32 married to a great girl 27  for 7 years.  

I have been bitten by the handgun bug especially for hunting that is.  I shoot my 445 supermag Dan Wesson that has a burris 2x7 on top and has an 8" barrel and the trigger pull down to 2.25 lbs.  Very sweet.   I also have a great little 22 ruger slab sided Govt competition. and my wife has a sig p232 380 which is also awesome gun.  I have a couple rifles and shotguns as I just love to shoot.  

I do handload but haven't for a while as my wife and I have been moving a bunch as of late. So when I do get settled soon again I will bring out the stuff which is rcbs single stage press but soon as I get settled I will be getting RCBS pro 2000 progressive.  Can't wait.  I don't shoot as much as I would like, but Wish I did as we all do.

So I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself and I really love this site.

Also I love Dan Wesson, especially the supermags. As I plan to own all of them before I will be happy.
Happiness is a 445 supermag shooting a 180 gr xtp at 2000 fps and hititng a groundhog.

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