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My #3 Ruger in Hornet would not but occaisionally hold 1" 5 shot groups regardless of load.  Had it opened up to K and am now fairly capable of 5 in well under an inch, and a couple pushing 1/2 inch, and even a couple of 10 shots under an inch.  Am using max recommended standard hornet loads with H-110, IMR-4227, and 2400. Am looking for someone out there with more K experiance and their recommendations.
Am most interested in 35-40 gr. bullet wts.  Any experiance would be appreciated.

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I am a K-Hornet reloader who happens to live very near to you-I am in Lincoln, originally from Omaha.
My K-Hornet is by Bullberry.  I think you will find that H110 has somewhat more velocity potential in the K than does 2400.  I can get around 3030 fps with 2400 using loads I consider maximum in pressure for my gun using the 40 grain V-Max.  Winchester 296 (pretty much identical to H110, since it's made by the SAME manufacturer) is good for about 3125 fps in my gun.
I would say that H110 should probably be your first pick of the powders you mention, unless for some reason the others shoot better groups for you.
Have you tried Lil'Gun powder from Hodgdon?  Most users report excellent accuracy and quite high velocities.  I am finding it a favorite for my K-Hornet.  However, I must add that the powder charges I find acceptable in my K-Hornet are quite a bit LESS than those published in most loading manuals-in fact, I am using LESS powder than most of the loads published for the regular Hornet!  Go figure!
Despite this, velocities are still very impressive.  I would suggest you give this powder a try, starting well below the maximum load and working up.  A chronograph is also very helpful in letting you know when you've gone far enough.
I must add that I find it very hard to believe some of the velocities I have seen published for the K-Hornet.  I am sure that some of them are pushing the round much harder than is intended.
However, if you are happy with velocities in the 3150 fps range I would say you've made a good choice.  Just remember it isn't a 22-250.
If you are using regular Hornet loads in your K you are probably getting velocities slightly less than the standard Hornet since you are putting them in a larger case.
Let me know if you want any more info.
Oh, by the way, Accurate 1680 is also a very good K-Hornet powder.  Fills the case up and minimizes velocity spreads.
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