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Kar 98 1910

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I have a Kar 98 stamped 1910 on the receiver. It was my first deer rifle which my grandfather found leaning against a tree during deer season back in the 50's. The barrel had a bulge and split about an inch down from the muzzle, and as a shop project, I cut off two inches of the barrel and re sweated on the front sight, The bore is dark, but, lands and rifling is visible.

I used to load ammo for it and found at max load the bullets would tumble. I havn't touched the gun in years and now have recently thought to do something with it. A new barrel maybe?

I have a great supply of .308 W reloading components and thought to change to this as I only have dies
for the .323 ammo.

What do you all think?

Buffalo Bob
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Welcome to ShootersForum, Buffalo Bob!

If your gun was originally chambered for the 8x57 Mauser round, it's going to be a standard length action and you might have feed problems if you switch it over to a short-action round like the 308 Winchester. What you might do is have a gunsmith go over the action itself, to make sure it is sound, and then have it rebarreled to the same 8x57. Two other popular options, historically, have been to bore out the chamber to 8mm/06 (for original barrels in good condition) or just rebarrel the gun to a standard 30-'06 chamber. This would allow you to use many of your 30 caliber components and give you a very strong, accurate 30-'06 and there's nothing wrong with that! :)

What I would probably do is replace the original with another 8x57 barrel or go to something a little more interesting, like a 338-'06 or 35 Whelen. Personally, I'd lean toward one of those latter options, since brass will be readily available until the end of time and then you'd have something a little "different". ;)
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