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Kar 98 1910

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I have a Kar 98 stamped 1910 on the receiver. It was my first deer rifle which my grandfather found leaning against a tree during deer season back in the 50's. The barrel had a bulge and split about an inch down from the muzzle, and as a shop project, I cut off two inches of the barrel and re sweated on the front sight, The bore is dark, but, lands and rifling is visible.

I used to load ammo for it and found at max load the bullets would tumble. I havn't touched the gun in years and now have recently thought to do something with it. A new barrel maybe?

I have a great supply of .308 W reloading components and thought to change to this as I only have dies
for the .323 ammo.

What do you all think?

Buffalo Bob
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A new/old 8mm barrel will be your easiest/cheapest route. If that doesn't appeal, it would be very simple to convert to .30-06, .270 -- any of the standard-length cartridges that descended from the Mauser line, which includes a lot of 'em.
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