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I recently acquired a KEL-TEC 9 Carbine and have found it to be the best personal and home defence weapon I have ever tested. Originally, these were all steel and sold for $700, but are now composite and $289 at your local dealer.

It weighs a scany 3.5 pounds and folds in half at the breech for a storage/carry length of 16 inches. The 16 inch bbl delivers over 1300 fps with +P ammo, and it is rated for +P+ rounds. Hand loads held to 36,000 psi deliver 1500 fps with 115 9MM bullets, and 1425 with 124 grainers.

Power Pistol powder is perfect for the blow back spring tension, and cycling is flawless. My favorite load with this powder is the 147 gr XTP at 1320 fps, offering fine accuracy, modest report, and soft recoil. This exceeds Major by 15% and delivers 565 fp at the muzzle and 375 fp at 100 yards. This essentially duplicates the 357 Mag in a 4 inch revolver.

The carbine comes with 2 Glock 10 rd magazines, and can be loaded with a full mag in the folded configuration. It swings into a fully locked rifle in 1 second. Any standard padlock will secure it in the folded position, making it totally safe to store loaded. It is easily and effectively fired with one hand around barriers

The peep sights are more than adequate for defense work, but the optional barrel mounted laser for $100 makes it a formidable package. My wife and daughters have some experience with the Hi-Point carbine in 9MM, and do well with it, but they do better with the Kel-Tec with the laser, easily hitting an 8.5 by 11 inch sheet of paper at 25 yards 10 times in 10 seconds without using the peep sights.

Most importantly, it is fun and easy to shoot well, which encourages a lot of practice. In Virginia, it can be carried in a vehicle in an unloaded condition, a moot point with loaded clips close at hand.
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