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You lost me there, Darrker -

I think you started out phoo-hooing the use of big slow bullets and then ended up laughing about someone trying to use plastic tipped bullets in high velocity cartridges.

Can agree with the gist of your post - shouldn't use fast opening, thin jacketed bullets in high velocity rounds at close range and expect to recover much, unless varmit hunting. Shouldn't use tough jacketed or constructed bullets at low velocities and expect them to bloom into big mushrooms.

Now, the moderate velocities (and I construe this to be anywhere from 2250 - 2700 fps) work well with the soft pointed bullets that are the kitchen counter type of bullets (i.e., core-loc'd, power point, interlocked, Pro-Hunter, Game King, etc), plus a good, hardcast wide meplat bullet.

As noted, a little thought has to go into just exactly what you intend to do with the bullet/cartridge type and load accordingly.

There is no one "perfect" bullet for all instances, but the new breed of bonded bullets are getting mighty close. Have to agree too, with the Barnes "X" bullets to an extent. Their new Triple Shock bullets are proving to be very accurate in my rifle that used to hate Barnes bullets - and they aren't leaving about half of their copper in the bore like the old ones!
1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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