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Con said:
Interesting thread. In my opinion killing results from the destruction of the CNS through a direct hit or indirectly by denying it oxygen via a rapid drop in blood pressure. The larger the surface area of a wound channel through the vitals, the more rapid the bleeding and hence the more rapid the onset of death. Bigger animals need larger wound channels with greater surface areas to achive critical losses of blood (and hence rapid blood pressure drops) than smaller animals, so generally a larger caliber is more effective. I don't believe energy has anything to do with killing effectiveness although factors that effect the creation of the wound channel do. All this assumes that correct shot placement is achieved on vital organs.
I agree with you, but there seems to be two schools of thought on this. Death occurrs from: 1- Lose of blood or 2 Shock.
I am an old bow hunter, and had a lot of experience shooting and tracking animals that I've shot as well as others have shot.

The arrow kills only by loss of blood, there is no shock to it.
Heart/Lung area hits will find the carcass 30-100 yards away dead from loss of blood. However I have seen many deer shot with a gun through the heart/Lung area that still traveled that same 30-100 yards. Humm, no shock, high loss of blood.

On the other hand, extremely high velocity bullets will"shock the system" as the bullet enters the body. If all of the energy of the bullet is used inside the body, it can produce immediate results.
I've seen our ranch owner shoot and kill a big buck in its tracks with a .17 Remington that he is fond of.

The 7mm and 300 magnums still produce those kills where tracking is involved, I believe because of bad bullet choice. It didn't use all of its energy inside the animal.

I've probably seen at least 500 deer & hogs size animals get shot, and most of them run off.

I think killing by shock is too risky to me, I would always
take a shot based on a good wound channel that would produce blood loss.

I would tell anyone here to have confidence in the shot and learn to track! You don't need to shoot a cannon.

Just holding up my end of the conversation!

Good Luck
1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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