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Swallowed A Hand Grenade

About 13 or 14 years ago I read a magazine article written by a writer named Walker who has since passed away. Ever since then I have used his advice with great success.

He hunted whitetail deer for many years in the neighboring State of Alabama and, paraphrasing from memory, suggested the following:

When hunting whitetail deer with a 30-06, handload the Speer 130 grain hollow point at maximum velocity.

The Speer Reloading Manual number 11 (August 1987) published maximum loads for the 130 grain hollow point for the 30-06 from a 22" barreled Rem. 700 and WW cases are:

54.0 gr H335 3132 FPS CCI-250 mag primer
55.0 gr IMR4064 3110 FPS CCI-200 std. primer
53.0 gr BLC2 3081 FPS CCI-250 mag primer

When a whitetail deer is shot behind the shoulder and into the heart/lung area the result is instant death. The deer drops straight down, jumps straight up then down, or falls over dead in its tracks. No running 75-100 yards before expiring. No waiting for the deer to bleed out. No need in following a blood trail at or near dark.

When the 130 grain Speed hollow point enters the heart/lung area of the deer it hardly ever exits. All 1 1/2 tons of energy does its work in the deer and not into the pine tree on the other side. When cleaning the deer it looks like it SWALLOWED A HAND GRENADE but has little meat damage.

Try it. You'll like it.

New Orleans, LA

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Thanks for your input. I will go back and read your post about Mr. Walker.

Let us know how those Speer 130 grain hollow points perform.
It is not the proper bullet for a broadside front shoulder shot.
Any factory 150-165 grain soft point bullet fired from a 30-06 at 2900 fps into the broadside front shoulders of the typical Southern whitetail deer will usually drop immediately. The shooting distance here is usually less than 50 yards unless you are shooting over a bean or other field, or up/down a power line or a natural gas pipe line. Most are shot from an elevated stand, in the woods, over a rye grass food plot.

The same 150-165 grain soft point bullet fired into the heart/lung area of the same deer will "zip" straight through both sides and the deer will run for 75-100 yards before it folds. I don't know the statistics, but in my experience a large percentage of Southern whitetail deer are shot right before dark. At that time of day the muzzle flash from any deer rifle will blind you for a few seconds which is just long enough to miss seeing exactly where the deer ran. You know that you should wait 15-30 minutes before tracking your deer. As you ease down from your deer stand water runs down your back. It rains a lot in the South. Now it is dark and raining as you begin tracking.

That is exactly what happened to me many years ago when I was fortunate enough to find the 10 pointer that is now hanging on my gun room wall. The 165 grain Hornady interlok bullet entered several inches above the heart and zipped straight through both sides. I found it two hours later over 100 yards from where it was shot.

I am still shooting that same 30-06 but now it fires the Speer 130 grain hollowpoint handloaded with 54.0 gr. of H335 into Federal cases ignited by a CCI-250 magnum rifle primer.
I haven't kept exact count but at least 30 deer have dropped dead, instantly dead, ever since that day.

Hogs? That's a whole different ball game.
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