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2300-2500FPS is "magic" is like saying that a ferrari has a high top speed because of it's low drag. ANY bullet can kill anything @ any speed, provided the bullet was engineered for it. Bullets kill by dumping their energy into the animal in question, well a bullet aimed at a rock chuck needs to dump the energy ASAP!! However if that same bulet is expected to kill a deer, you better aim for the spine, otherwise all the energy gets dumped to quickly and no vital organs get destroyed, just meat.
As we all know bullets are expected to preform over a large range of speeds and distances. This makes it very difficult to have the bullet be very good at any one task. For this reason Round nose, or "large frontal area" bullets were made. It aids is the "opening" of the bullet, when used at lower velocities. On the other hand, use that same bullet @ very high speeds and it will act like a varmit bullet, because it is forced open too quickly. I like Barnes X-bullets if you are going to be shooting lower velocities, they will open well below what any other bullet will. Tipped bullets such as the SST and Noslers will open well at lower speeds also. Again that is fine and dandy in long shots with 30-30's or even .308's. But be prepared to laugh your tail off, when you see some gomer with his brand new 300 Ultra Mag shooting tipped bullets. Then kindly offer to provide the kill shot for the poor beast that is now pissed off and limping along.
1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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