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Kimber 22 Conversion For The 1911 Pistol

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Thursday I picked up a 22 conversion Kit for the 1911 style pistaols. I have thought about these for quite sometime now and when I saw it I emediately asked "how much is it going to take for me to get out of here with the converison". The owner offered me a good deal and I took it.

I installed the system on my Springfield 45 frame

After a bit of informal shooting I set up a target at 35 yards. The picture was taken with the 12 power optical zoom on my camera

After a couple of loaded magzines fired at the target, it looked like this

All in all I am very pleased with the setup.
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Yup, that's about the same results I got with the Colt conversion on my Colt frame. Haven't taken it back out for another session yet since I finally managed to get the floating chamber freed up and everything cleaned properly.

I don't really expect any improvement in accuracy, and it actually functioned quite well with the froze-up chamber, so I probably won't notice much change. But it's an excellent excuse to go burn up some ammo...
I put a conversion kit on my Dad's army 1911 25 years ago. It shoots great, but is a little messy to clean.

W/ the cost of 45 acp at 20 to 30 cents a round, even reloading...these kits make sense.

I may try mine w/ some subsonic ammo to take out a yote in the neighborhood. Know it won't cycle the slide, but it should be nice and quiet.
That's not to bad at 35 yards. I certainly wouldn't want you shooting at me. I've had lots of 22 pistols and revolvers over the years, but never one of the 1911 conversions. It's got to be nice to be able to use basically the same pistol for both big bore and small bore plinking.

I've always held that shooting a 22 is the key to handgun accuracy and also a much less expensive way to practice. Of all the guns I shoot 22 rimfire handguns and rifles get shot the most.
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