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Heres the Hypothetical model:

1. It will be hitting the media at 1500 Feet Per Second
2. The projectile is a Spitzer and made out of a very hard material and has the same density and weight as lead.
3. Starting with .250 diameter spitzer bullet and going up .0010 in outsde dimensions untill we reach .600.
4. Weight will be proportional to the outside dimensions.
5. The test media can be anything as long as its density remains the same throughout the test.

A: What can we expect to find?
B: Will the projectile with the highest Kinectic energy also be the best on penetration?
C: Can we expect a bell curve? ( low penetration with smaller lighter projectiles at the begining and then finding a optimum in the middle and then low penetration on the end with heavy, wider projectiles )
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