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Knight TK 2000

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I have just purchased a Knight Tk 2000. Can anyone tell me where to find good accessories for it. Knight has basic things, but not much. I have read that you can get various chokes, loaders, ect. Any help would be great. Thanks.
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The chokes I am not sure where to get. Of course lead shot is easy to find but expensive to ship. I use the hard 3-1/2 shotgun wads on top of 90 grains of APP 2f. I then top them with a foam over the shot cup, although the hard wads work just fine. That makes me good to about 40 yards on turkey size game. I want to load it down this year and try grouse hunting with it a few times. Currently I shoot a black powder 12 gauge New Englander for grouse. And it works good.

What choke are you looking for? I have a second choke which is a modified I believe. It has a M on it. I bought that off a person who sold his shotgun. That should be good for upland game birds. The one I currently use is an extra tight which came with the gun.

I go to Ballistics Products. I set some web pages that might take to the wad section. I use a pink 3-1/2. If you purchase the unslit wads, be sure to remember to slit them or you have a nasty projectile there.

That modified choke I purchased would work for rabbits. They are really hard to find. What I did was a person was willing to sell me his and I bought it. Its new and I have never used it.
Also...I am having trouble tracking down an owners manual. Any suggestions???
Contact Knight or go to their web sight. They have just redone a lot of it. But they used to have an on line manual. It was in the same manual as the Wolverine, Bighorn, open breech weapons.

So can I just use conventional wads and shot for this thing?!?!?
Yes you can shoot conventional wads out of it. Remember, powder, wad, equal measure of shot from a second wad, then over the wad card. This should work but you might have a reduced range. I have a 500 bag of conventional wads I shoot also.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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