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Question for Marshall (hate to tear him away from the casting pot, though, as I have some stuff ordered):

Are lapping bullets available 'in stock' or backlogged?

I need to get a few for a .22 rifle - probably 20 or 30 would be fine.  If it's going to be a long wait I think I know where I can borrow a mould & some cleaned up wheel weight metal.  If I can get some right away from Beartooth I'd just as soon do that.  Didn't know if these were something that you kept on hand as rejects from casting sessions or had to be made up specifically for the occasion.

Also, curious about one other thing.  When I sent in my order, I gave you an email address.  Assume this is so you can let me know when it ships.  Anyway my email address at work may change soon so I need to know how to update this for your records.  I'd hate for the bullets to not ship on account of that.

Let me know what the best way is for you to get that information.

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