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Hi there,
       I just got the BTB technical guide (very imformative!) and I read with interest the part about different types of lapping compound. My question is this- Do you know anything about the Midway USA lapping kit? I've already got one and have lapped (with jacketed bullets) one of my rifles to reduce copper fouling. It seemed to work OK. I didn't see much accuracy improvement but I get much less jacket fouling now and the accuracy doesn't degrade quickly with numerous rounds.
         I plan on getting a firearm fairly soon that I will mainly shoot cast bullets in, and I want to do a good job of preparing it, so I would like to know if all this lapping compound I've got is any good or not! I can't quite decide on the firearm yet- Marlin Cowboy, Ruger Blackhawk? I don't know yet!!! Thanks for any info you can provide.    :confused:  ID
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