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Took this this evening as Alex and I were using up the last daylight on a long summer's evening fishing on a lake about five miles from our house.  Crappie were really on the bite, and we caught probably close to fifty nice-sized fish in the hour and a half we had to fish after work this evening.

A very slight breeze and about seventy degrees!

God Bless,


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          For anyone who doubts the existence of god, one would just have to look at these pictures, and ask,"If not god, then who, could create scenery so grand, so beautiful, for us to enjoy ? "  Breathtaking ! We're really getting some stupendous pictures. Hope they keep coming. Really gets you fired up, and makes you glad to be alive, to be able to enjoy such treasures.  :D



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Very nice photos, Marshall.
I lived in St. Maries, Idaho, south of Coeur d'Alene Lake for a number of years.
It really is stupendous country. I only wish I made enough money in that economy to remain there.
But now I'm in the Utah desert and enjoying this vastly different area.
I was raised in Spokane, about 30 miles from the northern Idaho border.
Which brings me to another point ...
Strange ... I'm looking at a map here .. and I find North Carolina and North Dakota .. but no North Idaho!
Of course, "North Idaho" is a term created by Idaho residents as a statement of secession from the lower half of Idaho. There is great animosity between northern and southern Idaho residents, owing chiefly to southern Idaho always getting so much money for improvements while northern Idaho gets paltry sums from the legislature (the capitol is Boise, in southern Idaho).
That situation has improved somewhat, since I lived there, but the animosity remains.
The same animosity exists between eastern and western Washington state.
I very much enjoyed my time in northern Idaho. I used to fish for crappie and bass at the extreme southern end of Coeur d'Alene Lake, known as Chatcolet or Benewah Lakes.
I witnessed many of the same sunsets with awe and reverence as well. Yep, can't help but believe that God enjoys painting when you see those sunsets.
The Utah desert has many astounding sunsets too. So many, in fact, that I've stopped photographing them. I mean, how many hundreds of photos of sunsets do you need?
I'll be in St. Maries again, about Aug. 8, returning from my cabin in British Columbia enroute to my home in Utah. I hope to get in a day of fishing on the St. Joe River that day.
Thanks for the photos! You've made me homesick for St. Maries and Spokane! <sniff>
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