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Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Undersecretary John Magaw and Department of Transportation (DOT) Secretary Norman Mineta need to continue to hear from the millions of Americans who support allowing properly trained commercial airline pilots and other flight deck crew to have access to firearms as a last line of defense against terrorist hijackers.  Both Magaw and Mineta have stated their opposition to the idea of armed pilots, even though pilots and the general public overwhelmingly support it.  Unfortunately, the major airlines are opposed to the concept, and have exerted enough pressure on the DOT to officially oppose arming pilots, despite the more than 5,000 favorable comments reportedly received by the FAA in evaluating the issue.

    Contact Secretary Mineta and Undersecretary Magaw and remind them that, just as we trust pilots to be able to fly complicated aircraft, we can trust them to be able to use a firearm as a last line of defense against terrorist hijackers.  Also remind them that poll after poll shows the general public also trusts airline pilots with firearms in the cockpit.  You can contact both the DOT and TSA using the same mailing address: 400 Seventh St., S.W., Washington, DC, 20590.  E-mail can be sent to the DOT at [email protected], and to the TSA at [email protected]

    In addition, there are two bills in Congress that would provide for the arming of properly trained flight deck crew.  H.R. 4635 -- introduced by U.S. Representatives John Mica (R-Fla.) and Don Young (R-Alas.) -- has 31 co-sponsors, and is gaining support.  S. 2554 -- introduced by U.S. Senator Bob Smith (R-N.H.) --has five co-sponsors.  The Senate bill would also provide self defense training for flight attendants.   Please contact your U.S. Senators at (202) 224-3121 and your U.S. Representative at (202) 225-3121, and urge them to co-sponsor these bills.  Those on the Internet can find additional contact information by using our "Write Your Reps" tool at  


On Wednesday, 11th Judicial Circuit Court Judge Thomas Wilson put the final nail in the coffin of the City of South Miami`s (Fla.) attempt to usurp legislative authority from state lawmakers when he declared the city`s "Gun Lock Ordinance" null and void.  The ordinance sought to require that every firearm, without exception, be stored with a trigger lock.  No exception existed for firearms stored in a safe, antiques, or, most importantly, firearms kept accessible for self defense.

    NRA, Unified Sportsmen of Florida, and individual plaintiffs immediately brought suit against the ordinance.  NRA Past President Marion P. Hammer, commenting on the ruling, stated, "The City knew they were violating state law and essentially dared us to sue them.  It was a shameless act of political arrogance.  The Courts have proven us right once again."

    Judge Wilson`s ruling -- which he was instructed to hand down by the 3rd District Court of Appeals last March -- held that the ordinance violated Florida`s statewide preemption law that forbids municipalities from imposing restrictions on firearms that are contrary to state law.  Wilson also stated the City has until June 4, 2002, to repeal its ordinance, and if it does not, he will issue a permanent injunction against the City.

    Shortly after the ruling by Wilson, Palm Beach County (Fla.) commissioners voted 4 - 3 to repeal a similar ordinance.


Alabama, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, and South Dakota will hold primary elections this Tuesday, June 4.   NRA members in these states should have already received information on candidates endorsed by the NRA-Political Victory Fund for the primaries, so please be sure to go to the polls and support pro-gun candidates for office, and encourage your family, friends, and fellow firearm owners to do the same.  NRA members in these states who have not received this information can call the NRA-ILA Grassroots Division at (800)


In preparation for the upcoming campaign season, NRA-ILA is hosting FREE Grassroots-Election Workshops in several areas across the country.  The next upcoming event will be in Charleston, West Virginia, this Saturday, June 1, followed by three Workshops in Arkansas in Fayetteville on June 4, Jonesboro on June 6, and Little Rock on June 8.  Then, there will be two held on June 15 -- one in Orlando, Florida, and one in Dearborn, Michigan.  At these Workshops, you will learn what you can do in your own community to ensure pro-gun candidates are elected to office this election season.  NRA members who are interested in attending should contact the NRA-ILA Grassroots Division at (800) 392-8683 for details and to reserve their spots.  NRA members who have access to the Internet can also reserve their spots on-line by going to



On Thursday, June 6, the Delaware Senate will consider SB 190.  This legislation would mandate that all handguns sold or transferred by a licensed gun dealer be accompanied by a "trigger-locking" device.  It would also ban the sale or transfer of all handguns that are not equipped with a so-called  "integrated mechanical safety device" after January 1, 2003.  SB 190 would outlaw the sale of virtually ALL existing models of handguns on the market today.  Call your
Senator at (302) 744-4286 and urge him to oppose SB 190.


The Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S.) began in 1995 with a goal of reaching high school sophomores and juniors from all across the United States, imparting upon them the significance of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights while helping them to develop an understanding of the process of government and the importance of actively participating in it.  Due to the incredible success the National Y.E.S. program has enjoyed, NRA has taken the next logical step and is now reaching out at the state level.  The state-level program kicked off earlier this month in Ohio, and the next installment will be in Michigan, August 15-18, 2002.  NRA`s goal is to reach all 50 states within the next 5 years.  The Michigan Y.E.S. Program is looking for outstanding high school students to take part in a four-day, all-expense-paid educational experience in Lansing.  The students who take part in this event will be selected from qualified applicants from across the Wolverine State who are in their freshman or sophomore years in high school, are politically motivated, and possess a desire to learn more about how their state government operates.  Potential Y.E.S. Program participants are also required to complete an extensive application, which includes the submission of school transcripts, a five-page essay about the Second Amendment, and three personal recommendations.  The deadline for applications is August 1.  For more information on the Michigan Y.E.S. Program, including to request an application packet, please contact Special Projects Coordinator Lauren Eden at (800) 672-3888, ext. 1342.  We`re also looking for key volunteers in each state who enjoy working with high school kids and have a desire to further our common goals.  For more information on volunteering to help, please call Lauren.


On Wednesday, June 5, an important public hearing will be held for residents of Belknap County to voice their opposition to the proposed Gun-Free Laconia Bike Week a proposal that seeks to create a "gun-free" zone in Laconia during Bike Week 2002, which will run from June 8 - 16.  It is critical that gun owners and sportsmen attend the public hearing to show opposition to this unneeded and excessive proposal.  The hearing will be held at Laconia City Hall, located at 45 Beacon Street East.  The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. in the 2nd Floor Large Conference Room.  Please plan on attending this important meeting which will determine your freedoms during Laconia Bike Week!  Your presence will make a difference!


Mark Your Calendars!  The New Jersey Chapter of the Second Amendment Sisters will host its Rally and Funfest on Sunday, July 28, from 11<!--emo&:0--><img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':0'><!--endemo-->0 a.m. until 3<!--emo&:0--><img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':0'><!--endemo-->0 p.m. at Nomehegan Park in Cranford (near Kenilworth, off the Garden State Parkway).  Be sure to join fellow gun owners and sportsmen for a day of trap and skeet shooting, music, speakers, paintball, frisbee, and a picnic!  Let`s show our support for this family fun day!  Be sure to tell your friends and family about this pro-Second Amendment event!  For more information, please contact Marilyn Lapidus at (908) 879-9089 or at [email protected]


On May 28, Governor Jim Hodges (D) signed H. 3010 into law, making revisions to the existing South Carolina Right to Carry (RTC) law, effective immediately upon the Governor`s approval. The revised RTC law includes provisions allowing permit holders to carry in parks and facilities under the jurisdiction of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism.  Please call Governor Hodges at (803) 734-9400 and thank him for supporting changes in South Carolina`s RTC law that increase the safety of South Carolinians.
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