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I'm sorry for the wait gentlemen!

We're working as long and as hard as humanly possible right now to get your orders out the door!  Please keep in mind that all our bullets are hand cast, sized and packaged.  We NEVER use machine casting or sizing proceedures in manufacturing our bullets.

Yes, we have a horrendous backlog of orders, but I won't compromise quality for quantity... you wouldn't want them if I did!

Rediculous, having a 12+ week wait for bullets?  Perhaps, but I think more rediculous to sell anything less than the very best premium bullet we are capable of producing!  I do promise that your bullets, once they arrive will be no less than the premium product you have come to expect from Beartooth Bullets!

Thanks so much to all, and God Bless,

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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