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Old Jim,

The basic feature that makes an LBT bullet an LBT is that the mould was made by Lead Bullets Technology, Veral Smith. He is currently not producing moulds but hopefully this situation will be corrected soon.

Veral made moulds for several styles of bullet which share one basic feature, and that is a meplat which is relatively large for the bullet diameter. The nose-to-crimp was usually longer than other bullets and could be ordered based on what gun you were going to shoot the bullets in. There were moulds for pistols, revolvers and rifles available on a custom basis.

The majority of moulds were apparently made for revolvers since these are most applicable to handgun hunting. There were three basic types of bullet for revolvers which were:

Wide Flat Nosed (WFN) which had a meplat .090" smaller
than the bearing and an ogive which ended in a short
groove diameter section and resembles what is known as
a secant ogive.

Long Flat Nose (LFN) Meplat .130" smaller than the
bearing surface and a tangent ogive which extends to the
crimp groove.

Wide Long Nose (WLN) having the WFN meplat and LFN

Most bullets you see advertised as LBT type are the WFN unless specified otherwise. To see these different types, go to the Beartooth Bullets catalog portion of this website and you can see what I am trying to explain.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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