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Received a package from another member of the forum. It contained some .358 LBT OWC bullets weighing 150 grains. In all my reading about LBT I've never heard of this bullet shape. These are really impressive looking projectiles. The meplat is nearly full caliber. Do you have any input on this bullet shape? Would it have any advantage over the WFN?  Would you consider adding this shape to your line if the demand was there?

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If there's demand, I'll add just about any bullet you could want to our lineup... so long as it is one that I feel has merit ballistically.   There are some Bore Ride designs that I WILL NOT make, simply because they are such poorly designed bullets.

The ogival wadcutters are an interesting concept, and the ultimate in wide meplat bullets to be sure.  Although there have been scattered casual requests for them, I have never had enough interest to add them to our production line.  Part of that however I believe is that people have not been exposed to them, and there hasn't been much in the way of publicity concerning them.

I'll patiently wait and listen.... we do listen and try to act according to the will and demand of our customers!

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As would I, marshall - and you know me well.............I'd be interested in seeing them in .357, .41, .44, and .45 calibers!

I remember seeing these in Veral's catalogs back in the early 90's, but never have tried them.  I'd have to do a bunch of experiments at low to high velocities to see how they fair at longer ranges.  Not sure if they'd succumb to the same flight characteristics demons as the common .38 caliber HBWC's at longer distances.  But, even if they did I think they'd be the cat's meow in my 4 5/8" Blackhawk in .45 Colt.  Don't have much reason to use that past 50 yds or so anyway, and one of the .45 caliber WC's in about 280-300 grains at 800 fps would make a helluva "splat".  Keep me in the loop on this one, Marshall - I'd be willing to work something out with you for a mold.
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