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Sounds to me like you're getting a heaping portion of pure green bull gravy!  I've shot lead bullets for years in a Glock 19.  Yep, heard all the hokey misinformation about cast bullets and polygonal bores.... perhaps for some, but I contend that the root cause of problems with their cast bullet performance is threefold...

<ul><li>Bullets not hard enough
<li>Lube Quality
<li>Improper Bullet Sizing Diameter</ul>

The key to these Glocks (in 9mm size to .358" ) is to make sure that the bullets are slightly over maximum barrel diameter!  Then they shoot like a house afire!  With the right bullet hardness and lube they don't lead either... not at any auto-handgun attainable velocity.

Hope this helps... don't be afraid to shoot cast in that 17L... just make sure the bullets meet these criteria!

Go have fun and shoot bunches!

God Bless,


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Mike, I've shot some lead bullets in my .40 (G23), Marshall's 200gr. WFNGC, and they work great.  Only trouble I've had - I ran out.  But some more are on the way!!

Also worked up some of the 160 gr. FNBB bullets, sized 0.358", for a G19 or G17, don't remember, and a Sig P226.  Can't recall how they shot in the Glock but like a house afire in the Sig.  See the tech note on "heavy 9mm bullets" that I wrote.  You can get them up to about 900 fps.

There is an awful lot of BS flying around about lead bullets in Glocks.  To date I have not had one bit of trouble, and a friend loads cast bullets for his many glocks without a hitch, including some pretty hot bowling-pin loads for a 10mm.

Glock of course will discourage the practice, as they tell you not to shoot reloads of any kind.  Maybe that's where all the 'stuff' started.

Read the tech note and let me know if you have any questions.

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Loaded up a bunch of 158grainTC(.358) bullets I had using 6.5grains AA-7 in Federal cases. Had an overall length of 1.15". Didn't run any over the chronograph but had good ejection,no sign's of excessive pressure and great accuracy!The wife was shooting gophers with them after we got use to the point of impact! Will be getting some 160grainLBT's on my next order!
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