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Big Buck,

Your comment  " I can't wait to see the looks on the faces of my shooting friends when they see me with lead cast bullets and a 30-30 , 308 and 444 Marlin.  They are all 7mm , 300 mag and 338 mag folks with top of the line bolt guns and scopes that are big enough to look at Orion with"  reminded me of a story by Frank Marshall entitled "Speaking Frankly on the .30-30 - Choosing The Optimum Cast Bullet Boosts .30-30 For Big Game.  This appeared in the Sept.-Oct. 1981 issue
of the FOULING SHOT which was the CAST BULLET ASSOCIATION's newsletter at that time.

In part, Frank said, “On a crisp November morning, I enjoy a leisurely browse up through happy hollow . My companion is likely to be my shiny old pre 1940 Mod. 94 .30-30 Carbine and my old mills belt full of prime cast loads.  As you know, today’s armament in most eastern hunting camps is high powered, heavy at both ends and hot in the middle, under your eye balls, and overburdened with glass of wondrous power; most useful for moon gazing or bird watching in the off season.  In our camp, young aspirants will occasionally offer me the loan of their spare scoped fussil, rather than turn me loose in the wild woods only “half ready” with cast loads, in a .30-30 at that which shows them I never read gun books.  Naturally I encourage this controversy .  It always makes the puddin’ sweeter when my compadres come in popped and plodin down the long hollow while I’m patiently waiting for assistance along the old jeep trail with three hunter loads of venison cooling out and no meat spoiled by a clean shot from a .30-30 cast bullet.”

He goes on to say that  “I have known for about 50 winters that that a proper cast load from a .30-30 carbine will put more deer down in the woodsy east than most of the over rated .30 caliber hotshots.“  Frank liked a 180-190 gr. flat nosed cast bullet for superior penetration  over 34 grs. of 4350 or WW760 for about 1900 f.p.s. in a 20” barrel. His alloy was 33% plumbers lead and 67% Linotype for “top performance at 1900+ f.p.s. and still giving adequate expansion coupled with punch for the going away shots.”

Frank Marshall passed away several years ago but his “Speaking Frankly” columns in the FOULING SHOT will last indefinitely. He was also a contributing editor for the American Rifleman and a cast bullet shooter extraordinaire.

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