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lee reloading pressess worth buying?

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Hey I found a Lee reloading press ket and am wondering if they are any good
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More expensive does not necessarily mean quality either. I have presses by Lyman and RCBS but a couple of Lee presses are what I use the most.
I have dies by Lyman, RCBS, Redding and Lee. I really like the design of the Lyman dies and especially the Lyman "M" die but otherwise the Lee dies are as good as any. The only "bad" die I've ever gotten was an RCBS in 6.5x55 which didn't size the case small enough to chamber in my M-70 Winchester so I got a set of Lee dies and all is well.
The Dillon 550 is a great press for those who want to crank out thousands of identical handgun rounds. For the guy who loads a variety of calibers in rifle and handgun cartridges and may wish to try out 5 rounds of this load and 10 rounds of that, different powders, different charge weights, different bullets, etc, the 550 will be a real pain for that. Plus it costs an arm and a leg for abilities you may never need.
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1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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