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Legacy Of Leverguns

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Hi To All,

I thought I would mention this issue, which came out several years ago, as my favorite magazine issue of all time. In fact, I liked it so much I bought a second copy and hid it in the back of my gun safe for the day when my working copy became so old, torn, and decrepit that I had to burn it like an old Norse warrior.

It is prejudiced (not DIVERSE) toward Winchester/USRAC products, but no one is perfect.

There is a great article on Marlins on pg 17, just too short for my tastes.

If y'all want, I can scan and post articles out of this if you just have to have a copy!

Pictures on next Post... I am not that PC literate yet!
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Since hearing about that issue, I've had an eye out for one, but no avail. From what I understand there is a pretty good article on Z-Hat or the Hawk Cartridge lineup.
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