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This coming week the Senate will debate and ultimately vote on legislation that will be of critical importance to all gun owners. I refer to S. 1, the Education Appropriations Bill. Hidden among its many pages will most likely be several anti-freedom amendments aimed at law-abiding shooters, hunters, and collectors. Included may well be "instant" background checks at gun shows that could take up to three days, a total ban on magazines holding more than 10 rounds, raising the age for legal gun purchases and possession, and mandatory trigger locks on all handguns. Needless to say none of these measures will prevent gun crime, yet all will further deteriorate our rights as American citizens and gun owners.

We must all act in concert to defeat these measures in the Senate. It will be far easier to prevent them now than later in the legislative process. Write, e-mail and telephone your Senators today and every day this week until the vote is cast. Tell them you oppose all "gun control" amendments to S.1, the Education Appropriations Bill. It is crucial to the future of gun ownership in America that such measures fail by a wide margin. We can do it, but we must act together!

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