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Have any of you heard of Leonidas Hubbard, who left New York to explore the interior of Labrador in 1903? He and his companions were lost and Hubbard eventually died of starvation, but not before his spirit and faith were strengthened even as his body dwindled away. A monument was erected, I am told, on the site where he died and is routinely visited by Church groups on wilderness trips.

The account of his journey and the example he set for his two companions (who both survived-barely) makes for a very compelling story of "practical christianity". It also describes the state of the Church among the natives in an area more remote, in many ways, than the most far-flung missions of the South Pacific or Africa. It makes for some very interesting reading, particularly since so much of their survival depended on the effectiveness of their M1886 Extra Light rifles in .45-70 and their unspecified single shot pistols in .22LR.

If there is an address I can send a copy to where you can get it, Marshall, please let me know and I will send it along.
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