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I've got 9 Leupolds all are stiff to adjust..sort of standard. It is probably stiff so as to make it waterproof.

Last tuesday, I took a bad fall; head, shoulders, rifle/scope and binoc all under the water and mud. As I got the water out of the back of the shirt, thought 'glad it is a Leupold.

No damage to rifle/scope or me....just had my upper wool and poly dripping wet.

Simple cleaning of all, especially getting the mud residue out of the pillar bedding and all was well.

The Binoc were B&L and with that big focus ring I was worried, but they dried OK.

So I will keep my tight ring Leupolds.

My brother hates the tight power rings (he has two Leupolds) so much he has switched to Nikons. to each his own. I'd never put any oil/solvent on anything that has coated lenses or sealing rings.
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