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"Little big horn" commemorative

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New to this furum and would like to know how the quality is on the commemoratives?
Planing to get a "Little Big Horn" in .44-40 as a CAS shooter.
Are they goldplated or brass? If gold, does the plating come of?
Thank you for looking.
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Thank you "SOSARMS" As i suspected then.
This 94 is relativly cheap and available, unlike the 73 i was to late for.
The market here in Sweden is not that big and there are mostly .30-30 for sale.
Does the commemoratives have reliable issues that the non commemoratives don't have?
Thank you Steve, guess i have to rely think this over then.
I have not shot the "LBH" not even seen it in person, it's located at a dealer miles away.

I'll keep looking for some thing that i realy want instead, and can use for Cowboy shooting.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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