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Little Sister and Mama Strike Again

Over the past couple of years I have posted pictures of hogs that Linda Youngblood has killed. Linda and Sonny  Youngblood are very dear friends of Cissey and I. They own Manatee Sports in Bradenton, Florida. It is, by far, the best stocked and managed sporting goods outlet in the Tampa Bay area. It has been a great pleasure posting pictures of the game this little lady has put down. I have affectionately called her “Little Sister” for many years. These two nice hogs were taken on Linda and Sonny’s lease. “Mama” is Linda’s mother, Mrs. Lorraine Luzney and is 76 years young. Mama put a .22-250 bullet in this one’s ear. Think about it, fellows!
This year Linda and Sonny have been testing .30 caliber bullets on wild hogs. They have come up with some interesting results. They plan on going on the net in the near future. Sonny did deer damage crop control for years and can discuss the pros and cons of bullet performance better than most. I would like to see them work on the Beartooth forum in the future.
If anyone is in the Bradenton area, please stop by and see these fine folks!
Best Regards, James

James Clyde Gates
Old Town Hammock, Florida
[email protected]

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