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In the Marlin Microgroove .375 Winchester try the #375449 bullet cast of wheelweights or a mixture of 1 part linotype to three parts of soft plumber's lead. No gascheck is necessary.

Tumble the bullet all over in Lee Liquid Alox. Load the bullet unsized (if a dummy will chamber and extract freely in your rifle) and charge with either 11 grs. of PB shotshell powder or SR-7625, or 16 grs. of #2400 or 24 grs. of 4198.

Be sure to try a dummy round first. If the dummy doesn't chamber and extract freely, then size the cast bullet no more than necessary, probably .377-.378" is best.

This is not a heavy load, but approximates the velocity of the blackpowder .38-55 cartridge and is OK for deer hunting at short ranges within 50 yards and is an economical and fun plinker which won't blow small game or wild turkey to bits.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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