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Howdy V-Kid:

Re: CB choices - any of those you have may possibly work.
The starting point I'd recommend though is to slug your barrel to see what you have to work with for groove dimensions. I've corresponded with a couple guy's on the CB-L forum that have the Marlins w/MicroGroove bbls. and they found that they needed to go to .381" to .382" diameter to get good accuracy. The real officianado's for CB shooting prescribe that the bullet should be as large in diameter as the chamber will permit (i.e. small enough to chamber the loaded round - but as large as possible). Personally, I've had pretty good luck with bullets sized about .002" over groove diameter - this is using CB at BHN 12 range.

Too small bullets can give rise to poor accuracy AND leading problems.

AA 1680 is a good powder choice because it allows you to get enough powder into the case (which has relatively small case volume) for higher velocities and develops does so at lower pressures than other powders. Alliant RL-7 is recommended by most of the loading books as being an excellent choice too although in my experience - loads using this powder seem to kick a WHOLE lot more than with other powders developing similar velocities.

Best regards-

Sky C.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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