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I'm new in this forum. I'm considering getting a 629 4bbl for carry in "backwoods" where there are blackbear. Up until now I have a Glock g21(45acp) which I've used. I've loaded near 45 Super level with that(super brass, heavy spring, 230fmj at 1050). But, I feel a .44 with, probably heavy cast bullet would be best.

I have not loaded cast for the .44. I currently have a super redhawk for hunting with 9.5bbl.

Please enlighten me with possible loads for the 4" Smith.

I dont cast bullets, so a source, and bullet style and weight.
What type of crimp do you use with cast?
Gas check needed?

I'm guessing that the .44 would have advantage over my .45, possibly more in penetration than energy.


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Hi there 45man,
    I use a 4 5/8" barrelled Super Blackhawk for my packing gun, so my results should be similar to what you would get in the 4" barrel of the 629.
    I have settled on a load consisting of the Beartooth 265 gr WFNGC and Accurate Arms #5 powder. The charge I use is slightly less than Accurate's listed max for a 300gr jacketed bullet and produces just under 1100 fps in my gun. I feel like this is plenty of zip but is easily managable in the fairly light gun. No special reloading techniques are necessary, I just crimp using the seating die. The bullet has a crimping groove for that purpose.
      I believe MikeG uses a similar load but with the 280 gr bullet. I don't know what powder he uses. I think anywhere in this ballpark and you will have a highly shootable, effective load! I really like it because it is easy to shoot, accurate, and the muzzle blast is not nearly so severe as full house loads.  Good luck,  IDShooter

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I use 280's in a Super Blackhawk but run full throttle with 296 (~1350fps).  Probably not the best load for a Smith - I think that ID is on the right track.

265grs. at 1100fps should be a nice load, plenty powerful and a good step up from the .45 Super.
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