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Hi there 45man,
    I use a 4 5/8" barrelled Super Blackhawk for my packing gun, so my results should be similar to what you would get in the 4" barrel of the 629.
    I have settled on a load consisting of the Beartooth 265 gr WFNGC and Accurate Arms #5 powder. The charge I use is slightly less than Accurate's listed max for a 300gr jacketed bullet and produces just under 1100 fps in my gun. I feel like this is plenty of zip but is easily managable in the fairly light gun. No special reloading techniques are necessary, I just crimp using the seating die. The bullet has a crimping groove for that purpose.
      I believe MikeG uses a similar load but with the 280 gr bullet. I don't know what powder he uses. I think anywhere in this ballpark and you will have a highly shootable, effective load! I really like it because it is easy to shoot, accurate, and the muzzle blast is not nearly so severe as full house loads.  Good luck,  IDShooter
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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