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I'm new in this forum. I'm considering getting a 629 4bbl for carry in "backwoods" where there are blackbear. Up until now I have a Glock g21(45acp) which I've used. I've loaded near 45 Super level with that(super brass, heavy spring, 230fmj at 1050). But, I feel a .44 with, probably heavy cast bullet would be best.

I have not loaded cast for the .44. I currently have a super redhawk for hunting with 9.5bbl.

Please enlighten me with possible loads for the 4" Smith.

I dont cast bullets, so a source, and bullet style and weight.
What type of crimp do you use with cast?
Gas check needed?

I'm guessing that the .44 would have advantage over my .45, possibly more in penetration than energy.

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