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Hi, Brian:
  Most folks here know more about sixguns than I do, so I'll just tell you what happened. I picked up a S&W Highway Patrolman, my first sixgun, a little while back.  Couldn't get it under 3" at 20 yards with a dozen loads, factory or handloads. I didn't think it was me, since I can keep my old 1911A1 under 3". That's from a rest, guys, and 30 years practice does help.  Next two were under 2". One was a pipsqueak .38 Special load with a Remington 158 gr. LSWC and W231. I'd already tried 700-X, Red Dot, Green Dot & Unique with that bullet. The other was a 140 gr. Sierra JHC, .357 case and half a grain too much 2400.

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