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  It has been my experience that load tuning is every bit as important in handguns as it is in rifles.  A mis-match of bullet to powder can play all kinds of havock in performance.  For instance, I shoot a 355 br. bullet in my FA .454 over 31.5 gr. of H110 and it shoots great and burns relatively clean.  If I substitute a 310 gr. bullet over the same load, I get a SLOWER velocity and it burns incredibly dirty with lots of unburnt powder left behind.  Clearly my revolver is happier with the heavier bullets, at least with cast bullets.  Accuracy with the lighter bullet was fine, but from looking at the stats of the load, it shouldn't be as ES was over 100 fps.  My old three-screw Super Blackhawk will shoot a 240 gr. Sierra JHC bullet over almost any charge of H110 with stellar accuracy, but when I tried 2400, all bets were off.  It seemed I was shooting a completely different revolver as it shot patterns, not groups.  Something about my revolver and bullet combo just didn't work with any charge of 2400.  This is not to fault the powder, as my Redhawk .44 shoots 2400 powder just fine, although it burns dirtier than the H110.  Who knows why one combo works and another doesn't, but it happens in handguns the same as it does in rifles.
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