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In reply to James Gates, from Pat Wolf, co-author of "Loading Cartridges for the Original 45-70 Rifle and Carbine".  My late husband and I researched the development and manufacture of the original loads from the Arsenals in the 1800's, and gave details of how we constructed the cartridges, which are quite accurate, and  calibrate with both styles of sights used on the original Springfields.  Instructions are given on using the original sights out to 1,000 yards, plus much other valuable info.  We tested everything before it was put in the book, so we knew it was all correct, with explanations as to why it was necessary to it the way we describe.  Today's target shooters have replicated scores from the 1800's with the methods described in the book, and are winning matches with their original 45-70 Springfields.   Book is available for &#3621.95 post paid from Wolf's Western Traders, 1250 Santa Cora Ave. # 613, Chula Vista, CA  91913.   Phone (619) 482-1701.  See web page at
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