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About .444 Marlin bullets and seating depth
Mon Nov 27 15:25:49 2000

My use of the .444 Marlin has spanned nearly 20 years now. What I have found with these
LBT style bullets is that the very best solution for the seating/crimping dilemma is easily
solved by seating in one operation, and then crimping with the Lee Factory Crimp Die for
the .444. In this manner, you can crimp the bullet anywhere you choose!

As for the WFN series, my two .444's both require a cartridge COL of 2.52" in order to
chamber correctly with the short throats they have (this is in factory guise, my oldest
.444SS has been throated 0.1000" to aleviate such headaches, and to allow for ease of
chambering 2.5" .410 shotshells.

Also, you will find that with factory throats in the .444 that when using an LFN profile,
that 2.54" will allow the bolt to close on the cartridge with just a hint of pressue from the
lever, as the bullet is slighly engraving on the rifling! A combination for superb accuracy!
However, don't overdue a good thing, as you don't want to engrave so heavily that you
can't uncork a live round because it is jammed into the lands of your rifle excessively.

With the WLN profile, I have not had any success with this design, as when crimping the
bullet to get an acceptable C.O.L., you are far up on the ogive of the bullet where
crimping is nigh-near impossible.

Stick with the LFN's and WFN's for best results, and you won't look back to jacketed ever

Blessings, hope that this helps!


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