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Just got finished with the newest, and probably most usefull addition to Called Load Notes, this section of is designed to be used as an online reloading database with your favorite loads.

As you browse through you can click on the new option above each load to Add To Load Notes. By clicking on this link the load will become available through your Load Notes. Each time you add a load, it is automaticly added to your Load Notes, where they will stay until you choose to remove it. Please make use of this new feature!

Something else some of you may have already noticed changing with is the influx of loads. Over the next few weeks expect this to grow even more. Currently all of Alliant Powder Company's reloading data is online, with complete reloading data coming from IMR, Winchester/Olin, Accurate, Vihtavouri, Ramshot, and Hodgden. However, as we add these comercial databases, please continue to add your favorite loads, so we can make this resource as rich as possible!

A Word On Commercial Reloading Data And

God Bless,

Alex Stanton
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