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Locking Rings for Dies

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I just recently bought a new set of dies from RCBS and the locking ring is not the same size as it use to be. I am using them in an old Bonanza (Forester) press. The locking ring on the new dies is only about 1/4" thick. The rings I need are at least 5/16". There is just so much play in them it is impossible to get the same results in every case.

Are there new rings available anymore for the older equipment???

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He's asking about rings for a Co-ax press, on which the quick change system has dies sliding into a slot sideways, retained only by the lock ring. So, they need to be round rather than hex and have some way of locking to the nut the die threads themselves, as they float in the press and are not tightened down to it.
Understand - that's what I'm suggesting with the Lee rings. They work well in my Co-Ax.
Well, that sure surprises me. What keeps the rings from from turning out of position when the dies aren't in the press? I've loaded lots of ammo on an O press without ever even tightening a lock ring, but I have to nudge it into the right position first. That part's actually a little easier on the conventional press.
Right. And Forster sells cross-bolt lock rings for theirs, too. I'm only referencing Kdub's use of Lee lock rings which have just the rubber O-ring in a recess on one side to allow them to be tightened down by hand.

Since the last post, I went down to the bench to try it out. Kdub's right. The flats on the Lee rings are the right width for the Forster slot and the rubber does compress, so it needs to be greased to slip in. The rubber rubs the die threads enough on the inside of the ring I tried firmly enough that the concern I expressed about the lock ring rotating out of place is excessive. As long as the die is pulled straight in and out and set in the Lee die holder, it probably won't move. A registration mark on top with a Sharpie would verify that.

So, to sum up, it simply never occurred to me to try this. Learned something new (to me) from Special K today. ;)
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Nope. Not backhanded. He and I come within two days of sharing the same birthday, or "special day". For some reason that just popped into my head when I wrote that. I've never claimed to make sense at every turn.
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