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It seems that my Ruger 45 Colt is a slow one. I need more powder than others to achieve the same velocity with the hotter loads. I am considering seating the bullets out long (in this case the Cast Performance 335) and using a Lee Factory Crimp Die to bite into the bullet between the normal crimp groove and the upper grease groove. This would allow me to have the cartridge overall length at 1.745" instead of 1.665", thus effectivley increasing the case capacity by about 11% which would enable me to get the same velocity but at lower pressure than I am now. Any comments? If 24.0 grains of H110 is giving me 1280 fps now would I need 24.0*1.11=26.6 grains to get the same velocity with the bullet seated out further? Thanks, Brian C.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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