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Read the thread...interresting, seems like a good round.

In my case, discovered that 7.62X39 will from into nearly perfect .401WSL case, but do need a little lathe work.

Use a stripped STEEL .41mag. die and size the 7.62X39 case as far as possible (up to the solid head). Case will look belted. Lathe off the belt to make the case slightly semi-rimmed. Fire form to straight. the length is fine as formed, just need to trimm to an even lenght. It's a lot easier than starting with .35rem. cases as is the normal recomendation.

The semi-rim actually does the headspacing on the .401WSL.

Sectioned, the web is a bit thicker than original .401 cases and the volume is about (depends on case brand) 5% less.

Experimentation showed that .410" bullets (.41mag.) could be used.

Just as an odd though, the round would fit fine in an SKS or AK action, although the double stack magazine would probably need some work.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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