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I'm stuck in a suburban hole and can't find anyone within reasonable driving distance that has simple drill bushings. I want to elevate my Lyman Mag20 Dipper about 5 inches (which should be easier than building a new bench!) by changing the bushings and quarter inch bolts than fasten the stand to the furnace casing. Is there anyone out there who can provide me with steel drill bushings with a 0.5" OD and 0.25" ID? The length is not critical but I need several that are all the same length. I can certainly put two together to end up with my 5 inch lift.

I'm going to ignore the leg in the rear of the Mag20 Dipper and put two legs up front so the weight of the pot will be better supported. Therefore, if I jack the pot up 4.25" (eliminating the bushings that came with the pot which are .75" long), I'll need at least 20" worth of bushings (four "legs" at 5 inches each). Or, if I can find some 2" long bushings and one additional .75" long bushing, then I can lift my pot four inches while using the original bushings. I guess what I'm driving at here is, I don't know what's available.

Thanks for listening, I just don't have time right now to go searching all over the internet to find that I need to be a dealer or need to order $200 worth of bushings.


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Hi, Forty Four:
If I understand this correctly, the drill bushings go between the base and the upper body of the Mag Dipper and the bolts go through the base and the bushings and screw into the body. I'd do a farmer fix and get some 6" galvanized 1/4" or 3/8" pipe nipples, cut the treaded ends off, and bolt her up. Copper pipe would do too.

I understand why you want to raise it. Setting the Coleman stove up on a pair of 4X6s saves my back. Genuine hardened drill bushings cost big money. McMaster-Carr's are $14.11 each for 12 or more 1/4" I.D. X 1" long.

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