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Looking for Loading press

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I'm looking for a good loading press
Whats out there
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Ebay has a bunch of presses at any given time, totally depends on what you load and your budget, I'm able to load just about anything with 4 different ones, rcbs partner, rcbs rockchucker, Dillon 550b and mec 600jr.
Rcbs rockchucker is probably the most popular metallic press of all time, there's a good reason for that, you can load everything except 50 bmg and shotshells with it, albeit slow however.
Mec shotshell loaders are not great but they work and most are budget friendly, 600jr's will do a decent job unless you shoot often, for high volume loading get a grabber. If anyone ever offers to sell you a 9000g consider that person with suspicion, they do not have your best interests in mind!
Check with your LGS, not unusual for one that's been around a while to have boxes of old reloading equipment in the back including presses, sometimes these can be a real bargain. You'll see lots of C frame presses, these are not suitable for magnum cartridges imo, some O frame presses feel like they're going to come apart when sizing magnum cases as well, good example of that that's seen often for sale used is the rcbs junior, 30-06 is about the limit for that press.
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I have 5 Mec shotgun loaders so I know their products well, got my first 600jr as a teenager.
Back in the 80's I got to be friends with a couple of guys who shot trap and skeet a lot, went over to one their houses one afternoon to bs and see his reloading set-up.
That was the first time I ever seen and used a Ponsess/Warren shotgun loader, I've never shot enough to justify buying one but wow, they make a shotgun shell loader to be proud of!
My only real complaint with Mec loaders is with the 9000g, I have one in 410 that can load about 2 boxes before screwing up requiring at least a half hour to get back working again.
Looks good on the bench though.
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