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Looking for old article on converting a Win model 94 to a takedown

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I am looking for an old article that I once heard of, maybe in an NRA gunsmithing book, that detailed how to make a standard model 94 lever action into a takedown model. Various searchs have not been sucessful. If anyone on here has this information I would like to get a copy of it, even better would be if anyone has ever actually done this so I could hear first hand of any problems encountered. Thanks in advance.
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I'd be interesting in having a look at that article if you'd be willing to send it to me.


[email protected]
Has Alyeska338 been spreading this around? I didn't even know it was Clyde until he pointed it out to me, it's the only picture of him that I've ever seen where he even resembles this photo. I was just perusing the net for an avatar and found this, the guy DOES look like my user name.

Yes, I got them to open up. It's an interesting article. I don't have a lot of machining ability yet, but I'm working towards it.
No more Clyde, I don't like to associate with criminal types.
That's me in my youth. What the small picture doesn't show is the near empty quart of JD on the table next to me. :) It annoys me that I lost that hat!
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