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Looking for old article on converting a Win model 94 to a takedown

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I am looking for an old article that I once heard of, maybe in an NRA gunsmithing book, that detailed how to make a standard model 94 lever action into a takedown model. Various searchs have not been sucessful. If anyone on here has this information I would like to get a copy of it, even better would be if anyone has ever actually done this so I could hear first hand of any problems encountered. Thanks in advance.
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I've got the article scanned into the computer already. I can send it as an attached file to an e-mail.

Send a PM with your e-mail addy if you want it.

They open OK for you "Clyde"?

Very good. Was wondering if you would be able to open them in the .xif format that's used in the Pagis Pro Image program I'm using now.

Yes, I recognized that pic right away. I believe it's part of bigger picture where Bonnie is leveling a shotgun at his gut in jest for the camera in front of a Model A Ford with 2 revolvers stuck in the grillework.

I remember too many things!:D

Ah say, that feller looks three sheets to the wind in that pic.

1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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