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Loose fit at barrel/receiver & bedding

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Anyone......I have a Ruger 77 .22Mag. that I have rebarreled with a Match Grade Varmint taper. I am noticing a "loose fit" at the receiver, with very minor wobble. (the factory barrel was the same way) Will this contribute to accuracy problems? I experimented a little, and found that I could "shim out" the play with a narrow strip of cellophane between the barrel and receiver. Could this be helpful, or is the Ruger barrel attachment system built with this wobble in mind? Also, I plan to glass bed the recoil lug, and float the barrel. Do I need to run the glass down the barrel channel for a short length, or leave it floating all the way back to the recoil lug?  Thanks for all replies......."Ridge"
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Ridgerunner: I generally glass about the first inch and a half of the channel to ease the leverage the barrel has on the action. It's easy enough to do at the same time you do the action and it can always be floated afterwards if it seems to be problematic to accuracy. besto.
Thanks BC, I will bed it in the manner you perscribed. Like you say, it can always be floated on back if problematic. Any thoughts on the loose fit at the receiver? I have another rifle like this, and the fit slides in about 3/4 the way, and then you tap it in the rest of the way with a rubber hammer. It is very snug........."Ridge"
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