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I have some that I really enjoy, they are in order of my preferences:  Each clock between 1000-1100 fps with 250g Keith bullets in .44 mag cases:

.44-250Keith/12.0g AA#5/WLPP/Rem Brass
.44-250Keith/10.0g Unique/WLPP/Rem Brass
.44-250Keith/8.5g Bullseye/WLPP/Rem Brass

Of these the AA #5 load seems to be the most consisten and least prone to leading if the bullets aren't hard enough.   It has a lower flame temperature and lower/longer pressure curve than either Unique or Bullseye.   Very accurate in my guns as well as other guns used for testing over the years!

Hope this helps!   Soon we'll have LoadSwap available for online loading data from our user driven loading databse.... should make this kind of information more readily available!

God Bless,


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Have you ever tried AA-2? It has a burn rate similiar to Bulleye and HP-38.  I have recently had great success with a LSWC bullet (not a true Keith) of 240gr.  I am using 7.5gr of AA-2 with a Federal standard primer and Starline cases.  In my 4 5/8 SBH it chroned last week @ 965 fps with an es of 11 fps. By the way, this is with a .432 bullet suitable to my SBH.  Very accurate too.  A friend of mine shot the same load recently in his 629 (except he used .430 bullets) and reported excellent accuracy.  It is a very clean shooter.

Hope this is of some help.

God bless..................  Bill M
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