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I'm a low tech, traditional kind of guy at heart. I have made homade bows and arrows and used hide glue and senew and all that stuff. I want to sit around a campfire and cast me some round balls or bullets. I want to make what I can myself but I will buy what I have to.

Is there a site that deals in this stuff, or a book or something. I load 44 and would like to start here with a roundball gallary load. Maybe some black porwder loads to shoot out of my 1894 and my SBH.

Does this makes since to anyone and can you help. For those of you who don't have this hankering I apologize in advance. I know us traditional types can be a pain. I dabble in the high tech modern stuff but always end up back here in the traditional area evintually.

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Ask your library to get you a copy of H. M. Clines, The Muzzle Loader, Then and Now.

This book is a good start. Cline decribes about all of the basics of early molds and steel making.
You will find this book a GOOD READ!

Dixie Gune Works still sell their original mold. It casts bullet with out a srue cutter. I have cast many round balls and conical bullets for cap and ball revolvers with the Dixie molds. You will need an end cutter to cut the sprue.
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