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Glad to hear you have fixed your lube problem.  Your honesty and integrity during this, which was obviously very stressfull, is admirable.  

We look forward to a tech note on the process.  

I had poseted a formula a week or so ago consistinf of mineral oil, castor oil, lanolin, and bees wax.  FYI, it stinks (literally).  Sunday, I rang a 4" pendulum two cylinders in a row from 45 yards off hand, and was feeling pretty good.  310 cast (no. 2 alloy) from a lee mold over 21 grains of 296 were clocking 1230 FPS with ES around 29 feet out of my newly lapped SRH.  Another cylinder later, I missed all six.  I checked the bore and it was full of lead.  So, I shot a couple cylinders of hornady 300 grain XTP over 19 grains of 296 (1200 fps) and tried to shoot it out.  (didn't work).  Been trying the choreby scraper and soaked patches of hoppes No. 9 from as recommended by marshall and veral.  Still ugly, most jacketed fouling left I think.  (I ladn't shot any jacketed after lapping so bore was good and clean)  Gonna get some ammonia tonight.

My friend shot a 100 yard four shot 2 inch group with open sights out of a 5" redhawk with 75 lapping shots though it.  Prior to lapping gun leaded and was inaccurate.  Bullet was 250 grain hard cast Kieth coming out near 1400.  My gun was too dirty so I didn't try.    
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